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Welcome to Fachgebiet Angewandte Biochemie/ Applied Biochemistry!



The department is headed by Prof. Dr. Jens Kurreck.

Research in the Department of Applied Biochemistry focusses on the application of biotechnological methods in molecular medicine. We aim at elucidating mechanisms of pathogenicity and to develop new therapeutic approaches. To this end, we use RNA technologies such as RNA intereference or CRISPR/Cas9 to specifically silence the expression of genes. Our group recently identified a small interfering RNA (siRNA) which inhibits the SARS-coronavirus-2 with high efficiency and is now developed further.

Furthermore, we contribute to animal welfare by developing new replacement models for animal experiments. Three-dimensional bioprinting produces organ models which can be used for infection studies. This strategy also has the advantage to produce humanized models which may have a greater relevance for the understanding of human diseases than animal models.

Further projects develop oncolytic viruses that inhibit the growth of tumors and the development of metastasis. In addition, RNA technologies are used to inhibit pathogenic viral infections.

On Science and Arts: The Melody of the Genome is a musical journal through the human DNA (in German).




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