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Publications Kurreck 1995-2009

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"Single copy of the article can be downloaded and printed for the reader's personal research and study."


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  • Rothe, D.; Werk, D.; Niedrig, S.; Horbelt, D.; Grunert, H. P.; Zeichhardt, H.; Erdmann, V. A.; Kurreck, J. (2009) Antiviral activity of highly potent siRNAs against echovirus 30 and its receptor. J. Virol. Methods 157, 211-218. [pdf full text]
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  • Arora, A.; Dutkiewicz, M.; Acaria, V.; Hariharan, M.; Maiti, S.; Kurreck, J. (2008) Inhibition of translation in living eukaryotic cells by an RNA G-quadruplex motif. RNA 14, 1290-1296. [pdf full text]
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